Call of Duty: A frustrating but explosive campaign is launched in Modern Warfare II.

Call of Duty 

We’ve been playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II for a little over a week, as players and players have recommended it. impressions of no.

It’s safe to say that the 2009 video game Modern Warfare 2 is a significant part of the video game careers of a specific generation of players and players. Radical and innovative in a variety of ways, Infinity Ward’s game left a lasting impression and continues to this day to hold the top spot on Metacritic (tied with its predecessor).

To that end, there may be some pressure on the company right now to revive this FPS military landmark. Following directly from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019), does this new work uphold its reputation? The time for judgment has come.

PC test completed with the use of a code provided by the game’s publisher. This review only addresses Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II’s Campaign mode. She will be updated once we have decided on the multi-player mode.

Strong heads and team spirit

Activision has been telling everyone who would listen for months that Modern Warfare II ushers in a new era for its Call of Duty franchise. A statement that refers to the multiplayer approach as well as Warzone, which will welcome its version 2.0 the following month, as well as the next shooting game campaigns. During a press trip to Amsterdam, L’Éclaireur was given the opportunity to see Modern Warfare II in advance, and as a result, he has a certain amount of Activision for the work that Infinity Ward has put into this project.

Three years after the Modern Warfare events, Captain Price, Soap, and Gaz return to duty under the banner of Task Force 141 to literally disarm a new threat. The terrorist Hassan seeks retribution when an American missile failed to hit a war chief in Iran, and he succeeds in seizing control of some American missiles that he intends to launch toward the land of the hamburger.

For this type of game, the intrigue is quite standard, but it serves the purpose of taking us on a journey and introducing us to a number of new characters at the expense of all geopolitical coherence. Because Infinity Ward manages to pull a few pawns off the board to place them under the projectors in this massive global game of chess where Iranian terrorists, Mexican cartel bosses, Russian soldiers, and American mercenaries all participate.

The newly arrived Alejandro Vargas is a welcome addition to the group dynamic in this song. This tough head does a great job of fitting in with the team as the chief of staff of the Mexican special forces. Given that the historical fans of the franchise won’t lose their joy at seeing Simon “Ghost” Riley and his distinctive mask,

The measurement of aspirations

But how exactly does a Call of Duty campaign operate then? And more importantly, how can we avoid repeating it when since 2002, Activision has released a new episode every year? Let’s be clear: the cursor was not placed at the beginning of the writing. We are not there for it in any way. However, it’s important to recognize the relative risk that Infinity Ward took with its latest campaign, which does indeed try some novel gameplay ideas.

In addition to its stunning graphic features, the game’s engine supports a wide range of strategies that enable teams to partially decipher the charges list. As in previous years, there are escort missions, otage release missions, malfrats plank failure missions, and rail shooting missions. However, a few of the campaign’s 17 chapters also attempt to move the lines.

Some will provide environments that are (a little bit) more open, allowing the player or the player-in-training more freedom of choice. Others will focus on completely new gameplay, like this scene where one jumps from truck to truck to reach the top of a convoy (on se croirait dans Uncharted). Last but not least, an unexpected survival and crafting mechanic will abruptly appear to change our status from hunter to prey.

It does work sometimes. Sometimes the sauce barely absorbs at all. The irritation implied by the title of this review arises from the fact that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II strays from its formula while maintaining a firm foothold in its history and ends up accomplishing nothing. For instance, this well-known action of jumping from one vehicle to another is one of the most brutal levels ever carried out in an episode of the franchise. Unnecessarily challenging (enemy trucks leave mines behind them…), it’s difficult to tell when to execute a saut. You already know that we frequently ended up aplati like a crepe underneath the wheels of our adversaries’ SUVs.

It’s unfortunate because Call of Duty shouldn’t be a challenging game (unless you choose the easy setting). ‘Call of Duty’ is the main event. Manette in hand first appears in the Hollywood action movie. And these kinds of sequences, while undoubtedly innovative on their scale, slow down the action and cause us to emerge from the experience. We won’t even attempt to engage enemies that have reinforced armor, forcing us to clear a full chargeor in order to defeat them. Unsavory Warzone legacy character that Infinity Ward wanted to introduce in Solo mode.

A treat for the eyes (et les oreilles)

At the conclusion, we therefore reflect a little on our hunger. Given that Modern Warfare had managed to demonstrate greater audacity in 2019 by not holding back on provoking, However, given the current state of geopolitical affairs, it may not be all that bad for Infinity Ward to hold back this time.

Overall, we don’t have any bad impressions of this campaign. We believe that if she had been amputated, she may have completed two or three light-duty tasks (her life expectancy is estimated to be seven hours) that would have occasionally resulted in a blow to the face. But there is still one thing that Infinity Ward cannot be trusted: the technical brilliance of its games.

It’s really rather simple: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II ranks right up there with the best first-person shooters ever released. The consistency of the decorations (Amsterdam!) enforces respect, and the face motions are convincingly realistic. We then obtain a game that is a worthy successor to Modern Warfare by adding a completely new water management system (with immersive gameplay) and some experience in the modeling of weapons and the appropriateness of sound effects.

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