Google Drive has a new widget to adorn your tablet’s home screen

 Six widely used Drive shortcuts are collected in one location

Google has spent a lot of time this year redesigning its apps for Android 12 Material You. This week, Google Keep for Wear OS received an upgrade with a brand-new look, and earlier this year, Material You widgets were added to updates of Google Translate, Play Books, and other apps. The business has recently updated Google Drive with a new circular widget capable of dynamic theming, but for the time being, only tablets can see the improvements.

Google Drive has two widgets for Android phones: one with a list of your most recent documents, and the other in the form of a flower (or an x) that provides easy access to shortcuts for document search, file upload, new document creation, and the camera. Drive features a second horizontal bar widget with the same shortcuts for tablets. According to 9to5Google, the app’s version 2.22.357.1 includes a fourth circular widget for tablets with a Material You design.

The new circular widget places a Drive symbol in the center of six circular shortcut buttons that are all tucked inside a bigger placeholder circle. You might compare the design to a phone with a rotary dial. This widget’s New Drive quick actions include buttons to launch a fresh Sheets spreadsheet or Slides presentation. Despite running the same software version, we aren’t seeing the widget on our smartphones, which suggests that it is only available on tablets.

Ahead of the October release of the Pixel 7 series and Pixel Watch, other Google apps, including Wallet, have joined the Material You design bandwagon in addition to Drive. It’s about time Google gave all of its apps the Material You loveliness. The Google Play system has also been updated. With the release of Android 12 last year, the design language was introduced, but many apps have been hesitant to follow the rules.


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