Google’s second-gen chips look just as tasty as the first

 lemony and salty? What a fantastic combination!

The Pixel 7 launch event is only a few weeks away, but Google is already teasing its newest products. Even though the company unveiled both of its upcoming phones at I/O in May, they aren’t particularly shocking. However, they are building up to be exciting upgrades to the foundation created by the Pixel 6 last year, and that starts with the new Tensor G2 processor. Google Japan is back with one of its best campaigns from last year to mark this approaching launch.

Google is running its “Original Chips” promotion in Japan again, this time with a new set of flavors in anticipation of the Pixel 7 and its Tensor G2 chip:

– Snow Cheese
– Hazel Onion
– Salty Lemon
– Obsidian Pepper


— Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) September 13, 2022

Google’s array of Pixel-branded chips has made a comeback, as noted by Mishaal Rahman. All four flavors are now listed online and available for purchase through the official storefront in Japan, despite the absence of a film teaser. Each box of chips, not a bag, is labeled “Google Original Chips” in honor of the company’s Tensor processor line. There are four varieties available, each based on a Pixel 7 color:

  • Snow Cheese
  • Hazel Onion
  • Salty Lemon
  • Obsidian Pepper
These four tastes each stand for the official names of the hues for Google’s most recent phone: Snow, Hazel, Lemongrass, and Obsidian. The box itself features a band and a cutout for a faux pill-shaped camera that matches the color and form of the Pixel 7. These are definitely really excellent chips, but it’s evident from the package that collectors were in mind when it was designed.

To that aim, up until September 23rd, Japanese citizens can compete to win one of 2,000 cartons of chips. According to Google Japan, the first delivery is planned for the end of September, and the second batch will come in early October. On October 6, it’s the ideal snack for when you’re watching the official Pixel livestream. Don’t spend any time before entering if you’re in Japan. 

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