10 Reasons You Need Creative Automation Tools In 2022


If you’re looking for ways to scale your business quickly, creative automation tools are among the first things you should turn to.

Running your own business has its benefits, like not having a boss, gaining flexibility with your time, and, of course, the potential to make lots of money with no salary cap! However, if you’re actually in the nitty-gritty of it, you know that it’s not always glamorous and takes a lot of hard work.

A significant positive is that the results you see from all that hard work are exponentially more rewarding. As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to grow by improving your processes and becoming more efficient.

Let’s look at ten reasons why using creative automation tools is one of the best ways to achieve the dream!

But first, some basics.

What Are Creative Automation Tools?

Creative automation tools integrate technology to produce creatives at scale, making the design process more manageable by eliminating high-volume, repetitive tasks. It cuts down the tedious and repetitive tasks associated with content creation, which frees up energy for business owners to focus on higher-value work.

Is Creative Automation Suitable For You?

No matter where your business is, it can benefit significantly from banner ad automation.  Companies that use creative automation are four times more likely to realize benefits from their campaigns than those that don’t.

The biggest advantage is that creative automation tools are easy to use and don’t present a big learning curve for you to get started. For example, in six simple steps, you can create high-converting ads on AdCreative within minutes. Just upload your graphics and texts, and AdCreative.ai will help you with the rest of the process.

Here’s who benefits from automated creatives:

In-house designers: Automation helps reclaim your designers’ time, freeing them from tedious tasks like resizing ads in order to recreate hundreds of variations for the same campaign. This lets your designers focus on the creative work they signed up for.

Digital marketing agencies: Big digital marketing companies have many clients with strict deadlines to follow. Without creative automation tools, you are always on the verge of burning out your teams—or needing to hire more—due to high demand. Such tools simplify the design process and give your team the freedom to develop more sophisticated ad campaigns.

Small business owners: Many small business owners struggle with balancing their day-to-day operations with their marketing needs. Banner ad automation makes it easy to run high-quality advertising campaigns without taking time away from running your business.

Tech enthusiasts: AI-powered marketing is already here and is the future of advertising. As customer expectations become more demanding, AI helps businesses keep up.

Anyone without a design background: If you fall into the category of someone who needs to create an ad but you’re not so, well—creative—you’re at the right place in history. Automation makes gorgeous creatives accessible to anyone.

Now that we know who benefits from banner ad automation, let’s dive into why you should use creative automation tools in 2022.

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1. Save time with automated creatives

You may have heard the saying, “Time is our most valuable commodity,” before. It’s true; we can’t make more time. The next best thing we can do is make the most of the time we have.

Banner ad automation makes it easier to produce creatives at scale when you are reaching for goals that require high-volume work without sacrificing quality. A tool like AdCreative can produce hundreds of ad variations in about two minutes, which might otherwise take weeks to do for the average business.

Once you have all these banner variations ready to go, you still need to publish them on multiple platforms to reach your audience. AdCreative integrates with Google and Facebook Ad accounts so that users can automate social media ad publishing, too.

You also save time once your advertising campaign goes live. You no longer have to wait for analytics and data to start making decisions and adjustments to your campaign.

Another tool, Lumen5, converts text to video and gives you a huge jumpstart from a well-developed, AI-generated storyboard!

AI-powered tools like these do the work for you, leveraging machine learning and algorithms to make necessary adjustments to guarantee higher conversion rates.

Speeding up the design process and saving time with automated creatives will help you stay ahead of the curve and ride ad banner trends that come and go.

2. Save money on ad banner automation

Social media advertising budgets have doubled worldwide and continue to cost businesses more and more money every year. AI-powered marketing helps save you money by cutting down inefficiency to ensure every dollar you spend is worth it.

AI technology works to help eliminate errors. Every time you decide to tweak a design or maybe even start over, it costs money. When you have limited time and resources, mistakes are bound to happen.

Check out our post on these great automation tools that use advanced algorithms to perfect your campaign every single time: Top 10 Creative / Banner Automation Tools in 2022

Automated creatives are cost-effective and help you get the most out of your money. Creating hundreds of ad variations would typically cost you weeks and the massive cost of paying professional designers. It takes minutes to do the same with creative automation tools.

AdCreative.ai is the perfect tool to scale quickly without the traditional costs. The cherry on top is that you get $500 FREE Google Ad Credits just by signing up. You can’t get a better deal than that.

3. Get better conversion rates with creative automation tools in 2022

Conversion rates are a standard KPI (key performance indicator) marketing professionals consider when determining the success of an advertising campaign. It’s imperative to optimize and audit your marketing success metrics, but it can be overwhelming to analyze all that data.

A creative automation tool like AdCreative analyzes millions of data points at scale to find patterns that optimize your design. Powerful AI algorithms to learn what has worked in the past and apply best practices to your ads, such as compelling background images, good logo placement, and excellent ad copy text.

What is really cool with creative automation tools is that the machine learning (ML) engines they use actively learn and improve to help businesses generate designs with high conversion rates.

Start exploring the many ways in which automation is changing the marketing landscape, like Mailchimp and Automizy for email marketing, or Jasper for creative writing.

Here’s everything you need to know if you want to get into the technical side of exactly how AdCreative.ai’s ML works.

4. Maintain consistency of your brand’s look and feel—at scale

A big obstacle for many businesses is maintaining brand consistency, especially at scale. It’s difficult when it feels like you are spreading yourself too thin across different markets and platforms, and you want there to be enough creative variation not to appear boring.

It’s hard to find the right balance, but data shows that brand consistency is critical. Even if you have the perfect graphics, your campaign will work against you if your audience doesn’t recognize your brand whenever they see you.

You can easily set your brand’s colors and fonts within AdCreative to produce optimized banner ads that feel the same across multiple platforms. If you find yourself constantly manually adjusting ads without creative automation tools, you’ll find it even more challenging to scale. But you probably already know that from experience, right? 😉

Brand awareness is important whether you’re big or small. Generating creatives at scale that consistently connect your brand to your audience is possible with the help of creative automation tools that automate banner ads and other assets with ease.

5. Creative automation tools scale right along with your needs

As your business continues to scale, your marketing automation needs will have to grow right alongside it.

Automating your creatives increases content production, even with limited resources. By taking over the time-consuming tasks associated with the design process, you can focus on building your business without sacrificing marketing demands.

The biggest benefit is that you can double or triple your output without having to add more people to your team. Hiring and adding more creative professionals is a long process, and it takes some trial and error to find the right people.

It also serves you best to react fast to opportunities and relevant trends. AdCreative.ai helps you produce the content you need right when you need it.

Automated creatives and AI shorten production time to help you stay ahead of the curve. Whether you need ten creatives now or 10,000 creatives next month, banner ad automation makes it simple to keep up.

6. Banner ad automation lets you test more

Marketers typically perform A/B testing to compare ad variations and gather insights on what designs are performing better. More testing gives you the ability to make better business decisions.

However, creating ad variations and running tests typically take extra time and resources. It also doesn’t feel great when you have to discard low-performing ads that you thought would do better.

Generating the creative content needed to perform extensive testing takes time, in addition to the resources required to collect data once the ad variations go live. Creatives designed by AI-powered platforms eliminate this process and produce banner ad creatives that are guaranteed to increase your conversion rate.

Tools like AdCreative use ML and Deep Learning (DL) to analyze historical data with high-performing techniques and algorithms. The ultimate goal is to look at large amounts of data to predict the best possible outcome. The best part is that this AI model continues to learn and adapts to changing trends and markets faster than you or a hired team of professional designers could.

Understanding and connecting with your audience is crucial to high-performing ads. Tools like AdCreative have the power to develop personalized ads that convert in record time.

7. Go placement-perfect with banner ad automation

Adaptability is critical if you want to advertise on multiple platforms successfully.

If you don’t consider ad placement, you end up with awkwardly stretched, cropped, or blurry graphics. By the time you notice the mistake, thousands of people have already scrolled right by your ad and likely had a negative response to your brand for it.

To avoid this disaster, it’s important to adjust the size of your banner depending on its placement. AdCreative helps automate the process of resizing images for each platform.

The cool thing is that it only takes a few clicks to optimize your ad banner for various platforms. AdCreative adjusts the resolution and automatically adjusts the placement of your graphics and text to look visually appealing and perform well.

It really is that simple to do.

8. Reduce graphic designer workload with an automated creative workflow

Graphic designers can actually benefit from using creative automation tools. Designers typically don’t sign up for the tedious and repetitive part of pumping out hundreds of pixel-perfect designs on a short timeline. This manual process is taxing and a sure way to burn your graphic designers out.

Rather than eliminating graphic designers and creative professionals, banner ad automation can work to make their lives easier by taking over the administrative tasks associated with creative content production.

The future is bright as automated creative tools help graphic designers focus on higher-value work and being creative instead of getting stuck in the production process.

9. Finally have time to respond to higher business needs

Another considerable benefit of automated creatives is improving workflow. Tools like AdCreative free up your team’s time and mental capacity to respond more to clients and higher-level demands.

Flexibility is vital to your business. Your focus and energy should be on being flexible and making decisions. Depending on the needs of your company or clients, there will come a time when you have to make last-minute changes. AdCreative minimizes headaches and makes it easier to respond with an automated production process.

10. Banner ad automation is data-backed

AI-powered advertising can be intimidating, especially if you don’t fully understand how and why its algorithms make certain decisions. When using creative automation tools, it’s important to know where the data that drives these decisions is coming from.

AdCreative leans on over 100 million data sets that are unmatched by any creative design or marketing team. The effectiveness of an AI-powered platform depends on the accuracy of the data it relies on, which is why AdCreative leans on the best through the Google Display Network and Google Analytics.

The evolving AI engine trains itself on these millions of data points to recognize patterns and adapt to trends. Through comprehensive analysis, AdCreative understands what will be successful in each marketplace.

AI eliminates human bias, preferences, and errors when designing an ad. You can be confident that AdCreative will make the best decisions backed by data.

The Sky Is The Limit With Creative Automation Tools

The benefits of using creative automation tools in 2022 are clear. Banner ad automation saves you valuable time and money while guaranteeing your ads will convert. AI-powered engines are helping businesses use data and analytics to make the best decisions for their marketing campaigns.

Modern content marketing is changing and moving faster than ever. With the help of banner ad automation, you can stay ahead of the competition and take advantage of this fast-paced environment.

If you’re still not convinced, AdCreative offers a free 7-day trial. You can cancel anytime with no questions asked. We know you will see the benefits and value of automating the tedious parts of the design process.

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