Why Leading Social Media Marketing Agencies use Creative Automation for Social Media Posts


2017 saw a rise in the number of social media apps. Since then, the need to create content for these platforms has increased.

Creating, publishing, and reviewing content across multiple platforms can take a long time unless you are involved in the creative automation of social media.

In 2023, every single thing in Digital Marketing will deploy Artificial Intelligence.

Extensive Social Media Marketing Agencies have many clients with strict deadlines to meet. Without creative automation tools, you’re often on the verge of burning out your team or getting overpaid due to high demand. These tools simplify the process and give your team the freedom to create sophisticated posts for social media.

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What is Creative Automation for Social Media?

Social media creative automation is improving social media through automated tools with the added advantage of generating creatives/banners by highly trained Artificial Intelligence ahead of time. This may include generating creatives, texts, and headlines, including viewing creative insights for social media posts. Automating social media creation, engagement, and management reduces hours spent maintaining and growing accounts.

It mainly refers to relying on some tools or apps to complete social media-related work that requires zero or minimal human influence. Even though most of the work can not be achieved by relying on tools and other resources, you can generate sales-focused ad texts and combine them with the creatives you designed to get excellent results with analytics and reports.

Hence as most of the manual labor is reduced. All the work can be done in a given period and almost in the blink of an eye.

Benefits of Creative Automation for Social Media Posts

Let’s analyze why marketing agencies need Creative Automation tools for generating high-quality Social Media Posts-

Generating Creatives allows companies to focus on the content rather than the manual design work:

Creative automation is the go-to option for any creative or graphic designer. It is a handy option that saves time and effort and helps create innovative content for the customers.

As always, using AI-assisted tools or software helps a lot in saving time, and this decreases manual work. The usage of technology in generating content not only saves time and effort but also helps develop quality content that can reach a larger audience.

Let’s have a look at the importance of using creative automation. You can use it to create social media posts to help one’s business grow and become famous or even compose emails.

Moreover, the benefits of using creative automation are immense. It not only saves one from wasting time doing the continuous work of generating content and then marketing them to help one get their work done within their budget, but it is also highly cost-effective.

Automation solutions with AI, such as AdCreative, use data to design high engagement-focused posts, so the results are excellent:

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The options are numerous. To create high-quality posts, AdCreative is one of the best options. It allows users to create posts according to their comfort, likes, and dislikes.

When a customer is trying to create a post for their social media account, be it for the launch of a new product or just a daily reminder of their unique features, using an automation tool is of high use as it helps one to create the desired effect in almost no time.

So basically, one has to either upload the image or select from google what they want to use for their post, and a bunch of templates is already provided for the user to pick and choose from. The image can be cropped by selecting the desired shape to fit it. The title of their post, the target audience, and the kind of post will have to be decided to gain maximum attention.

Finally, the newly created post has to be downloaded in whichever format is best suited, and this post can be circulated on any social media account. The post generated in under half an hour is destined to attract viewers, not only because of its high quality but also because of how time-effective it is in creating such detailed posts in various shapes and sizes according to the need and requirements of the creator.

Decreased designer and copywriter workloads allow brands to let their team focus on where it matters or cut costs:

Another point where using AI tools or mainly software that significantly cuts down manual labor shows that the cost and, most notably,e time saved by using automation or auto-generated products help a brand flourish more.

Just as AdCreative provides its clients with several options, from choosing the template, and the image, letting them auto-crop them to the desired size or shape to allowing them to add the required details of the campaign or post, which is automatically sorted to form the project, it readily becomes straightforward and an efficient medium for any creator who is trying to save up on time as well as money. Pre-formed features are always desirable when creating new posts in a short period.

The need for a designer or copywriter is minimized as most of the work is already done by AI. Instead, the team can focus more on other categories like marketing the brand, pitching the idea to their viewers, or, most importantly, saving the cost that has been saved and using it in the future according to their needs.

Leverage the power of collaborative work within your Social Media Marketing Agency

Real-time collaboration empowers employees, teams, or your entire agency to come together and collaborate on a single digital platform like AdCreative, independent of their locations. Let them simultaneously generate different projects for your e-commerce store under one central account. It allows multiple users to work simultaneously on projects in private and secure workspaces without relying on face-to-face communication.

Collaboration improves the way your team works together and problem-solves. Working collaboratively instead of individually helps improve productivity and gives employees a sense of purpose in the organization. This leads to more innovation, efficient processes, increased success, and improved communication.

Increase Return-On-Ad-Spend, AI-Powered Marketing Comes To The Rescue

The trained model understands the mechanics of designing a high-converting ad creative. It decides the position of each ad asset within an ad. The ad creative generated by the AI strategically places the product image, company logo, and ad copy text to maximize the conversion rates.

AdCreative advertisement platform can create hundreds of variations of an ad within seconds. It allows advertisers to save time and run successful ad campaigns quickly, increasing the business ROI.

The importance of automation or AI-assisted tools is immense, from saving time to saving cost or efficiency. It provides all the necessary elements and helps keep the brand in the limelight.

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