Google One’s VPN will be free for all Pixel 7 owners


Google has revealed today at Made by Google 2022 that all Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro customers will receive a free VPN later this year.

All you need now is one of Google’s newest phones instead of the previously required Google One 5TB or higher subscription options. We highlighted that it was good for users who only needed a no-frills VPN that just works, despite just making it onto our list of the best VPNs for Android due to its lack of a location choice and limited additional privacy tools.

Google has affirmed that it won’t alter the cost or advantages of its Google One subscription, even though we don’t yet know much about how the VPN will be implemented on the Pixel 7. This rigidity is a little disappointing because anyone who purchase a Pixel 7 and a Google One subscription will find their subscription undervalued because the VPN will be free on these devices.

Additionally, we don’t know how many nations will have access to the VPN. Google acknowledges in its announcement tweet that not all countries will have access to it, but they did not say which ones.

Overall, Google made a wise choice with their action. Although Google One’s VPN is featureless, free access could alter the VPN industry. In the event that enough people choose to purchase the Pixel 7, including it for free will greatly increase its adoption.

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