To compete with the impending Chromecast HD, Roku improves its most affordable streaming stick

Additionally, Roku OS 11.5 was unveiled with several noteworthy new features.

Among the greatest streaming devices available are Roku’s Express 4K+ and Streaming Stick 4K. These gadgets provide a fantastic experience when combined with Roku OS, so you can’t go wrong. The company offers the Roku Express for customers who are more price concerned. For consumers with more basic needs that don’t involve streaming 4K entertainment, the entry-level streaming stick is perfect. However, the Roku Express’ single-band Wi-Fi is a significant problem because it might cause issues when streaming content if there is Wi-Fi network congestion. With the 2022 Roku Express HD, the firm will address this by supporting dual-band Wi-Fi.

There are no more noteworthy improvements in the 2022 upgrade of Roku’s cheapest streaming stick. The $30 price tag and restriction to Full HD streaming material remain in place. The new Roku Express is already up for pre-order and goes on sale starting October 16 for $30, making it an ideal rival to Google’s planned low-cost new Chromecast HD. It is the perfect streaming stick for those on a limited budget due to its inexpensive cost.

Roku also provides a solution if you want to add a little more bass to your audio experience. The Wireless Bass is a reasonably priced subwoofer that can wirelessly pair with the TV Wireless Soundbar, Wireless Speakers, or Roku’s Streambar to increase the output’s bass. The Wireless Subwoofer is already available from the company, but the Wireless Bass is less expensive and has a smaller physical factor.

Pre-orders for the $130 subwoofer are presently being accepted. The US release date is November 7. For an additional $250, Roku will package it with the Streambar.

Finally, as part of the Roku OS 11.5, Roku revealed some substantial new changes to its operating system. The main new feature is “The Buzz,” which will be available from your home page and provide you access to a “collection of postings comprising trailers, interviews, and video clips from your favorite streaming channels.” You may like the articles and follow new channels for more updates. In terms of TV episodes and movies, this is similar to your Facebook feed, where you can keep up with all the most recent events in the lives of your friends and family.

To instantly return to the TV show or movie you were viewing across channels like Netflix, HBO Max, Paramount+, etc., Roku OS 11.5 introduces a Continue Watching area. A system-wide Save List is also being added to the OS, which can be accessed through the What to Watch part of the home screen or the mobile app. Additional updates include Bluetooth Private Listening, enhanced Live TV content discovery, and a Roku Store that allows users to add both free and premium channels to their streaming device.


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